Bodh’aktan A busy year, An unfailing success!

  • 30 September 2016
Bodh’aktan  A busy year,  An unfailing success!


A busy year,

An unfailing success!

Montreal, September 19th 2016 – Bodh’aktan keeps moving forward and closes the year on a high note. The Quebecois is nominated for the best rock album of the year at ADISQ and has just launched a new video clip of the song Ici and a Home Movie relating the marking events of its recent Europen tour.

Bodh’aktan has had the wind in its sails since the release of its new album on February 2016 from which were taken songs Besoin d’air and Ici (launched on August 29th). The band draws record crowds all over Quebec.

Bodh’aktan owes its success turning worldwide to its tremendous talent and unmatched availability to reach people from three to a hundred and three. Bodh’aktan presents a universal music, close to the people and set to breathe the joy of living even, getting people moving and having fun, wishing to be transported in a unique and contagious musical hurly-burly.

The band is tremendously proud to confirm the signature of an agreement with Disney , which will lead it to perform 30 concerts at the Canadian pavilion of the Epcot Center in Walt Disney (Orlando) from October 2nd to 22nd 2016 and from January 2nd to 22nd 2017. Previously, Bodh’aktan will take part at CKOI Palooza on September 22nd, indicating that radios are more open to broadcast bagpiping rock, surpercharged folk with Cajun accordion, Irish flutes and bouzouki flavours.

The band is now on the crest thanks to the phenomenal success achieved during its European tour (Germany, Switzerland, France), where it performed at major events, like Wacken Open Air Festival (the world’s largest metal festival).

Bodh’aktan can pride itself to have played in 2016 in  Orlando – USA, St-Tite – Quebec, Wacken – Germany, and Feria of Dax – France on the very same year.

The industry too echoes the popular recognition of the band, as shown by its third successive nomination at ADISQ for its last album.

Last but not least, Bodh’aktan and many other guests will headline the Saint Patrick Grandes Débarques 4th edition starting on mid- March 2017 with concerts throughout Quebec and Europe. Tickets for March 31st are already on sale at Soda Club.

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