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Bodh’aktan Conquest

  • 01 February 2016
Rock-trad band Bodh’aktan returns from April, 19th armed with its third album and its legendary high gear energy.   The eponymous Bodh’aktan’s new release captures the mood of the last 300 concerts of these conquerors. The unique septet sings about hazy memories of the European tours (Grazie mille, Ici, Zimmerman), characters that cannot be invented

Good news again for Les Grandes Débarques tour!!!

  • 08 December 2015
Some wonderful news for Les Grandes Débarques 2016 ! For starters, the beautiful gang of Irish Mustard joined for the third edition of the ” ultimate party” ! We’re talking about a festive evening that should not be missed !!! Also , we are pleased to announce two new dates in addition … The tour